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About Kat – The Redhead behind the Lens.

What can I tell you “about Kat”? I guess I can open up by admitting that I prefer to be behind the camera, not in the spotlight. So, as you can imagine, writing about myself is also not at the top of my list, but since you clicked the link to this page, you deserve to get what you clicked for – so I’ll give it a whirl. 😉

Let’s maybe just start with the basic facts: Born & raised in Berlin, Germany, I was transplanted to the United States in 2010. I currently reside in Jacksonville, FL. I say currently, because I really miss mountains and seasons! So, who knows where the wind will blow me next…

My original career-background is in Business Management and Sports Marketing. And while those were great years that provided a solid foundation in many aspects relevant to my profession today, I never did get over my childhood “love affair” with the camera. Eventually, my lifetime passion turned side-gig, followed by the seemingly inevitable consequence of making photography my full-time profession. I haven’t looked back.

Seeing that today I am considered a “portrait photographer”, it might surprise you to hear that my first love was actually photographing the beauty of nature and animals, rather than humans. My soul never failed to recharge when traveling, being outdoors, capturing the ever-changing wonders of seasons and magical places?


However, the Universe has its way of nudging us in the intended direction!

One day a close friend vehemently “asked” me, if I would pretty please take her portrait for an upcoming audition. I caved and ventured into this new territory, flattered by the fact that she had all the faith in me, that I definitely didn’t have. A few more sessions here and there with other earthlings followed that shoot.

It didn’t take long before I developed a true soft spot for photographing people. Why? Well, being in front of the camera can be a vulnerable place to be. So, it is a beautiful and immensely gratifying challenge to be trusted to not just take a picture, but capture the essence of what uniquely makes you you and reflect it back in my own way in my images. The glow on someone’s face, when they get to see through my lens just how truly beautiful they are – no matter their age, size, shape, color or background – that is the most amazing and rewarding feeling ever and NEVER gets old!

Fast forward nearly a decade and: here we are!

Creativity and imagination really are the only limitations to the possibilities. That is another reason I fell in love with portraiture. While there are of course projects that are a bit more cut and dry by nature, such as classic portraits or headshots, I looooove to venture out into different areas. So, if you have something that seems a bit more out of the box, I’d be excited to talk about it!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Warmest regards,

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