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Is there a specific location that you'd like to shoot at or do you just have a general idea of "the beach" or "a park"? If you don't have a specific place in mind, which general geographical area would you prefer?

Tell me about what you are needing the images for? What is the mood of the images, the setting. Is there a specific style of image in my Portfolio that speaks to what you are looking for? Will it be a solo-shoot or a group of people...? The more details, the better!

Are these images intended for personal use, commercial, other?

What are you prepared to spend on this project? This is not a deal breaker, but it helps me to potentially customize an offer for you!

Any questions I can answer for you, that you couldn't find answers to in my FAQ? Shoot - I'm happy to answer them all!

How did you come across my work? If a Client referred you, kindly share their name - so I can extend my gratitude!

My editing style? How I pose my clients? Something you saw, read or heard about me online or from someone who's worked with me? Being a "Kat", I'm always curious... 😉

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