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Your vision is what determines each Photo Session and Cost involved.

The makeup and associated cost of a Photo Session is driven by you entirely: What is it that you’re hoping to capture? What is the intended purpose of the images? The timeline? My job is to work with you in a way that exceeds your expectations. Creating results worthy of your time and investment. My goal is to capture more than just cookie-cutter photos, but instead to create unique pieces of imagery. From Beauty to Headshots, Milestones, Personal Branding and Editorial. From corporate to contemporary. By the book or entirely outside of the box… 

Being your photographer means more to me than just showing up and eventually handing you photos.

Regardless of what kind of photo shoot you come to me for, I am here to do my part. As a professional photographer and in creating a great experience for you, from start to finish! I’m here to support you leading up to our Shoot, to direct and help you relax and be silly with me during our Photo Session. Know that I have your back from the moment we sit down for your Consultation. If you are willing to trust that I will guide you when needed, and just rock that inner & outer beauty in front of my lens – you will walk away with images you love!

The connection between client and photographer, as well as a shared vision, play an essential role in the outcome of each shoot.

It’s absolutely essential for you to feel comfortable with your photographer – as a professional and as a human – before wholeheartedly saying “yes!” and booking your Photo Session. I pride myself in a lot of returning Clients and year-long partnerships. With each new shoot I strive to truly understand and connect with exactly what you envision – in order to not just execute, but exceed your needs and expectations. In order for that to happen, I’d like to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the process and get all your questions answered and I have a clear vision of what it is you are looking to accomplish in your photo shoot.  So, let’s schedule a  Consultation to talk about your vision and see, if we are the right fit to bring it to life. The Consultation is always free of charge. Depending on your and my location at the time, it may be a FaceTime Consult or a phone call. Whichever way, I’m excited to hear all about it!

I take great pride in my work and in creating the perfect experience.

Creating the perfect experience requires attention to detail, investing time and resources, constant education and growth. I’m hoping that you connect not only with my body of work, but see the value that I offer beyond just delivering images. I strive to be more than your photographer. I want to build a lasting relationship with you and leave you with an experience that leaves you feeling amazing and images that you will cherish forever!

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