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Working With Kat Was The Best Experience Ever!

Trachele Shields
I have never enjoyed taking pictures. In fact, I actually dreaded taking them in the past. I?ve always felt shy and awkward in my own body. Working with Kat was the best experience ever. She helped me push through the limiting beliefs I had of myself and feel beautiful…

Supporting the Creation of  your "Personal Brand" with visuals, needs not merely "pictures", but images that transport exactly that: your image!

You are unique. Finding and capturing your "soul" in my work is my main objective in Branding Shoots. To portray the traits and personality that make you you. We connect with what we can relate to or what we admire and aspire to be. Cookie Cutter just doesn't cut it.

Pictures taken for your "brand" need to facilitate a bond with your audience. These images should make you stand out from the next person offering the same. Whether the brand is you, as a musician or online influencer, you're a podcaster or media personality, practitioner of a certain trade or seller of a certain line of products. It really doesn't matter what you do or sell. People will gravitate toward what speaks to them and elicits a positive emotion.

The demand for Editorial Images has never been higher to not just draw people in, but keep their attention in the long run.

In times of Social Media, the growing number of Entrepreneurs and Online Influencers, the need to visually enrich websites, blogs and social media platforms with visual aids and images that catch your attention are a must. Ideally, your editorial visuals aren't just a collection of stock images that are somewhat random - impersonal & interchangeable.

Becoming relevant is one thing. But staying relevant also requires consistent updates. Knowing that, I designed specific package solutions & session subscriptions that will enable you to keep feeding" your audience with images that are uniquely yours, at affordable rates.

Don't hesitate to schedule a free Consultation, so we can discuss YOUR vision and how I can assist in making it a reality!

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