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First Class Experience

Having head shots taken is not something that many in academia are comfortable with or particularly want. However, they are a necessity in 2020 with so many avenues to promote…

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Kat Will Bring Your Vision To Life

I am extremely critical and demanding of how I want my vision to be represented because it directly effects my business prospects. I can say that I have never been more surprised and astounded at someone?s level of talent that Kat displayed. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

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Working With Kat Was The Best Experience Ever!

I have never enjoyed taking pictures. In fact, I actually dreaded taking them in the past. I?ve always felt shy and awkward in my own body. Working with Kat was the best experience ever. She helped me push through the limiting beliefs I had of myself and feel beautiful...

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Kat will inspire you!

Kat gave me constructive guidance to capture the best angle that compliments my body shape and structure. She made it fun and easy with her infectious energy and vast knowledge! I highly recommend working with her, as she has a creative eye and will inspire you to go beyond your limit and what you thought was possible!

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